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Mental health support & education for those who are frustrated with the ups and downs of mental struggles and want to gain control and understanding of their mental well-being and live a more fulfilled life.

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Unpack Phone Addiction

Can you stay away from their phones for too long? It is important to reflect on how much time you are putting into your cell phone

Bay Of Healthy Boundaries

Many people have heard of boundaries but few know how to use them. As a result, people are unsure of why they should set..

Global Mind Power Mastery

Your mindset is where everything starts. It’s how you set goals. It’s what gives you the strength to go after them.

Stop Low Balling Your Greatness

Hi, my name is Dashana and for years I didn’t know I had been suffering from Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, CPTSD, and Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria, which all nurtured my Imposter Syndrome, which was killing my career and personal life. I deprived myself of getting paid my worth because I was too afraid to leave my job or ask for more money.

In personal relationships, I stayed way longer and ignored red flags, because I was scared of moving on and who else would want me.

How many of you have also felt this way? Once I started therapy due to a traumatic event, I decided to take my life into my hands. By managing my overthinking and fueling my mental struggles, I was able to turn imposter syndrome into undeniable self-worth and you can too. Once I conquered that I increased my salary by 44k and finally hit six figures in my career. I was being paid my worth. While the money is great my mental wellness is worth more. I have spent the last few years coaching others on how to overcome overthinking and conquer ending self-sabotage, which has increased their courage, helped with their mental struggles, and moved them up in their careers and life. I can’t wait to guide you too into your new mentally wealthy life.

I was My Biggest Enemy

2018 I planned and tried to end it all. It was the worst year of my life, that turned into the best year of my life. Make sure you click on “find out more”, to discover the rest of my journey

Our Reviews


Girl! I am so grateful for your Passport 2 Breathe Group page. I never post , but I always read just what I need when I need it. Thank you for your vision.

Chashe W



Dashana, I want to say I have been lost since April, 2013. I am trying to find myself and reading your uplifting posts really and truly helps me. Thank you!

Annette M.



Thank you for the wonderful group session today Dr. Cristina & Dashana.

Iris M.



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